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Plan No. 865
  • This investment is best for children. However, it is beneficial to invest at a young age.
  • This plan is ideal to invest for higher education
  • It is single premium policy where opting for Lumpsum or Installment Benefit both are good. ( Regular and Limited mode applicable.)
  • This plan supports short term investment, where you can avail benefits later in life
  • Get maturity through installments that help to fill the income gap in future
  • Safe haven to park the profits from startups with guaranteed future returns
  • Avail lumpsum maturity which helps to augment funds for future needs or business.
  • This plan provides financial support to the family in case of unfortunate death of the life assured
  • Increasing guaranteed income benefit option that helps to take care of fixed needs cost of which always keep escalating
  • Excellent option to invest retirement proceeds like gratuity with guaranteed income benefit OR Lumpsum maturity which is helpful to fulfill old age commitments.
  • It is a great alternative for bank deposits and is also the new version of FD with Guaranteed Returns and Life Cover
How Does This Policy Work
Sample illustration
Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Entry Age 3 years (completed) for policy term of 15 years

8 years (completed) for policy term of 10 years

  13 years (completed) for policy term of 5 years
Maximum Entry Age

Option A & Option B : 50 Years (nearer birthday)

  Option C: 65 Years (nearer birthday)
  Option D: 40 Years (nearer birthday)
Minimum Maturity Age 18 Years (completed)
Minimum Age at Maturity Option A & Option B: 65 Years (nearer birthday)
  Option C: 80 Years (nearer birthday)
  Option D: 55 Years (nearer birthday)
Policy Term Option A & Option B : 10 & 15 Years
  Option C & Option D: 5,10, & 15 Years
Premium Paying Term (For Regular/ Limited Premium)

5 & 10 years for 10 Year Policy Term

  5, 10, & 15 years  for 15 year policy Term
Payout Period

Option A & Option B: Equal to Premium Paying Term

  Option C & Option D: Equal to Policy Term
Minimum Annualized/ Single Premium

Option A & Option B: Rs. 30,000

  Option C & Option D: Rs. 2,00,000
Maximum Premium No Limit
Minimum Sum Assured on Death

No Limit

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